Cellulose: Eco friendly offices made using recycled cardboard

It seems designers have started taking cardboard recycling a lot more seriously, this is the reason we frequently report about projects made using the same material. Just recently we saw the cardboard restaurant in Japan and an Israeli inventor testing the durability of cardboard by using it to make one of the cheapest bikes in the world. Today we have Cellulose, a set of honeycomb offices made using cardboard.

The cardboard offices are strong and offer great mechanical strength of up to 300kg per square meter. The offices are designed by French studio Coudamy Design, who was given the task to convert 160sqm empty industrial space into a functioning office for 20 employees. The task got even more complex when the time available for the conversion process was just five weeks.

Answering the demands, the design team used 4cm thick water resistant honeycomb cardboard to create everything including cubicles, tables and chairs. The affordable structure was mounted with a system of folding combined with glue and tape.

Via: Design Rulz

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