Little Red Nesting multi-level treehouse is just what you need for a weekend break

The Little Red Nesting is the brainchild of student architect Lily Hsu and has been designed to offer the community a treehouse that functions as a social and a recreational space. Unlike other treehouses that we build or see in different parts of the world, this multi-level treehouse offers more space, while allowing different functions to be performed on different levels.

The Little Red Nesting incorporates the tree branches within the design, creating different areas for sitting and climbing. On the tree-top terraces planter boxes have been placed to add to the greenery of the space while allowing the occupants to grow seasonal herbs and scented plants.

The South facing façade has been adequately shaded to reduce the temperature inside the treehouse while allowing natural light to filter into the interiors space. The design takes inspiration from timber hunting towers and hence minimizes the impact to the tree on which the treehouse is constructed. The construction also creates a shelter underneath which can be used for other purposes. The idea of the project is to create an intimate treehouse that offers opportunities for sleepover and panoramic views of the natural landscape.

Cheers! Lily Hsu

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