Open Air Cinema Pioneer’s screen doubles as a vertical garden

Movies are one of the favorite ways to kill time by people all over the globe and this is the reason we see hundreds of people thronging multiplexes and movie theaters to watch the newly released flick. Russian firm WowHaus is giving this source of entertainment a natural and environmentally friendly touch by coming up with the “Open Air Cinema Pioneer” – an open air movie theater that can be used both during the day or night.

The all wooden structure of the theater is supported by slender steel frames that give it the needed strength to support the weight of all moviegoers. The projection booth resides under the seating area and projects the movie on a screen, which doubles as a vertical garden on the park-facing side. During day-lit hours, when people won’t be able to enjoy the movie, the cinema functions as a conventional amphitheater space where people interact with each other. After dark the focus is shifted to the screen with people sitting on the minimalist seating area, which are essentially deep steps.

Via: Designboom

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