Nokia launches affordable solar powered cellphone charger for the developing world

Nokia, the Finnish brand which revolutionized the cellphone industry with their innovative and low-cost cellphones, has been quickly losing its position to the emerging Smartphone market currently dominated by the likes of Android and iOS. However, this shift in trends isn’t stopping the giant from innovating with products for the developing world.

After playing quite well with wireless charging solutions, which aren’t particularly of interest for the rural cellphone users, the company has shifted its focus towards solar powered chargers, which are ideally suited for those parts of the world with no or an unstable flow of electricity. The new charger, dubbed Portable Solar Charger DC-40 comes with thin-film photovoltaic cells that use renewable energy to charge a 1000mAh onboard battery in four hours.

Electricity can then be transferred to a cellphone with the help of a three meter long cord with the good old 2mm Nokia plug. The company claims that the solar cells generate enough electricity in one minute to help you talk for 2 minutes. While the charger works best outdoors, it can even be placed inside, preferably near a sunny window, which obviously will increase the charging time. The charger weighs around 93 grams and is expected to retail for somewhere around $14.

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