Waterdome solar powered desalination system to produce 500 liters of potable water daily

We know that water occupies around two-thirds of the surface of our planet, but only a small percent of the total amount is actually potable, with seawater occupying the rest. This brings in a serious problem for more than a billion people in the world, who either don’t have access to water or have access only to a small quantity. To solve the issues, industrial designer Jon Liow has come up with Waterdome – a floating desalination unit that can produce up to 500 liters of potable water each day, using nothing more than seawater and sunlight.

The conceptual design revolves around the use of solar power which is harvested by solar cells mounted on the petal-like structures of the floating plant. Taking up the shape of a water lily, multiple units of the desalination system can be placed in the sea, near to the population, which it can easily provide enough water for a community.

The system is based on the use of solar energy to power a patented desalination technology that helps produce drinking water efficiently.

Cheers! Jon Liow

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