Indian students develop low cost electric-hydraulic hybrid vehicle

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly the way forward for clean transportation. However, until now most electric cars are marred with common problems related to low performance figures and reduced operating range. There is no dearth of prototypes that promote better performance with unique technologies and the EHHV (Electro Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle) is no different. The vehicle, designed by a team of a dozen mechanical engineering students from M.A.R. College of Engineering and Technology in India, aims to offer an operating range of about 400km on a single charge.

Though, the vehicle doesn’t look like anywhere near to a complete car in terms of its design, it definitely makes use of promising technology. The environmentally friendly vehicle is powered by two different engines – a conventional battery powered electric engine and a hydraulic engine, similar to the ones we normally find in heavy duty vehicles such as earth movers.

While the car is primarily powered by its electric engine when driving at near constant speed, the hydraulic unit of the vehicle takes over when steep acceleration is required. Since hydraulic engines amplify input power, the engine promises to increase power output while consuming the same amount of energy. Built at a cost of about $4000, the hybrid vehicle is just a proof-of-concept hybrid vehicle that according to the team is perfectly suited for countries like India where electric car charging infrastructure is still a distant dream.

Via: The Hindu

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