Real-life Hobbit Holes in Switzerland blend into the natural contours

Swiss architecture firm Vetsch Architektur has built real life Hobbit Homes in Dietikon, Switzerland, which they refer to as the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse. Contrasting to the conventional single houses, the estate features free agricultural land towards the south of the lot with a small artificial lake towards the front. Apart from gifting much needed greenery to the estate, the agricultural land also allows the homeowners to cultivate fruits, vegetable and herbs organically.

The earth-covered homes are grouped and centered towards the artificial lake and the entrance is well hidden from view and integrated towards the side of the settlement. The residential settlement consists of nine houses, three of which are three bedroom house, one four bedroom, one five bedroom, three six bedroom and a large seven bedroom house.

The solar exposure of the homes has been carefully planned with the living modules arranged towards the south for maximum solar exposure and the sleeping rooms arranged towards the north. While the basement and the parking lots are made using conventional construction techniques, the ground floor is constructed using the principle of sprayed concrete. To prevent heat loss, the houses have been well insulated using recycled glass. On top of the insulation is a protective layer of natural earth, which also doubles as a rooftop garden.

Via: Gizmag/My Design Stories

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