Human powered Amphibious Trike takes inspiration from floatplanes

With water transportation still in a nascent stage in the Indian state of Kerala, an area with a lot of water bodies, designer Aravinda DK sought the opportunity to design a personal mobility system that can work both on land and water. Because of the rise in the price of fuel and the growing concerns about the environment and carbon emissions, Aravinda wanted to develop a vehicle that doesn’t need any fuel or energy other than human effort.

Taking inspiration from floatplanes and making use of an existing trike design, Aravinda came up with the Amphibious Trike, a pedal powered vehicle that can be used to travel on land or water with utmost ease. Featuring a design similar to a recumbent trike, the Amphibious Trike comes with a pair of pontoons on both sides that keep the trike afloat in water and don’t cause any problems even if the trike is on land. The design according to Aravinda is a lot more practical than current designs developed for the same cause.

Cheers! Aravinda DK

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