Cocoon Tree treehouse pod lets you sleep with nature

While most treehouses are either too expensive or too difficult to install and maintain, the Cocoon Tree is different. The lightweight treehouse made using a strong waterproof canvas wrapped onto an aluminum frame can be installed in just two hours. The eco friendly treehouse runs its air-conditioning systems naturally using sun and wind power.

The spherical structure, which weighs just 60kgs, is designed to hold the weight of up to one ton. The Cocoon Tree can be fastened onto a tree with ropes and secured by nets, with 12 locking points for suspension and stability. The interior space is surprisingly large with enough space to hold a large mattress and a custom duvet to comfortably accommodate two people or a couple with two small children.

The waterproof skin shields the occupants from the elements and the onboard fan air conditioning system is deployed during harsh weather conditions. The adaptable treehouse is made available in three configurations – Cocoon Tree is a basic treehouse, Cocoon Beach is for beachgoers and Cocoon Jungle is coated with special synthetic fiber for use in areas with unpredictable and  harsh weather.

Via: Inhabitat

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