Lamps made using recycled avocado crates create unique shadows

Lamps are definitely one of the most primary products that we buy to compliment our home décor. While the market is flooded with lamps of different designs and shapes, a green home deserves green lighting which often comes in the form of lamps made using some kind of a recycled material. We’ve seen recycled lamps of different makes such as this beautiful lamp made using recycled bicycle chains, and today we have another recycled lamp created by designer Kelly Caruso.

Dubbed the Recycled Pendant Lamps, these unique and eco friendly lamps are made using recycled avocado crates and a lot of hard work. The avocado crates are first disassembled and sewed by hand into different shapes and sizes. Owing to the use of unique materials, the lamps with a layering of concave disks allow light to pass through and creating interesting shadows. To even better the look of the lamps, the designer went on to painstakingly paint each piece into different colors to create mesmerizing room dividers too.

Via: Design-Milk

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