Forest Corridor aims to give highways in Hong Kong an organic look

Since a majority of the residents of Hong Kong live in high rise buildings, they are often disturbed by the noise and light of cars from the highways below. In an effort to change this condition while giving the highways an organic look, designers at Bread Studio have come up with a unique proposal that they call the Forest Corridor. Acting as a highway noise and light barrier, the Forest Corridor answers three distinct conditions of Hong Kong.

The first is the view down from the building, the second is the view from the park built underneath the highway, where people usually see the concrete underside of the highway and the third is the view of the drivers, who won’t be able to see the surroundings if a solid greening panel is installed on the highway.

The proposal aims for the development of a non-intrusive barrier with climber plants on it which acts as a screen between the highway and its surroundings while also giving the highway an aesthetically pleasing look. The climber plants are grown in special plant pots below the highway and rise up along the posts installed along the highway. The posts are made using laminated recycled plastic lumber which is made by recycling laminated milk jugs and shampoo bottles. The material is durable enough and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

The Forest Corridor’s pendulum system also generates renewable energy from surrounding wind and turbulence from passing traffic. The energy generated is used to light up the highway with surplus electricity being used to supply power for park facilities and podium of adjacent residential blocks. Moreover, the system also harvests rainwater and channels it to the planters below.

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