LunchBox shipping container restaurant adapts to different weather conditions

Architects and designers have been playing around with the idea of reusing discarded shipping containers to produce everything from homes to hotels and with dwindling resources, this trend is only expected to reach new highs. Designer Alexander Zhulin along with a team of similarly thinking architects and designers have taken up the opportunity to develop a sustainable and mobile restaurant from the same raw material, which can be installed or opened in any part of the world.

Dubbed LunchBox, the eco friendly restaurant is made from a recycled cargo container and can be moved around to any place where need be. Several LunchBox units can easily be purchased and used in places with seasonal tourism. With an ability to also serve as a stationary café, the shipping container restaurant has been designed in a way that allows its use in all weather conditions.

During winters, the restaurant can operated with its walls closed or replaced with big windows. In this case the interior space can be heated, encouraging people on the outside to come in and relax in a warm space while sipping a hot cup of coffee or relishing a pizza. On the other hand for summers, the walls of the restaurant can open converting it into a secluded place in crowded streets.

Cheers! Alexander Zhulin

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