AutarkHome: Self-powered houseboat is ideal for eco-wanderers

Being ten times more efficient than homes of similar size, the AutarkHome, a houseboat docked at the Maastricht, Netherlands, could be what earth loving residents and eco-wanderers always dream about. Designed by Pieter Kromwikj to meet Passivhaus standards, the sustainable house is powered by a solar array that spans the roof.

The two-story AutarkHome isn’t numb on the interiors and the appliances list. The interiors are all IKEA-clad and are large enough for a six guest dinner party. A large kitchen, two large bedrooms and a double-sink bathroom complete the interior on this level. The top floor of this self-powered houseboat features a large balcony and the first floor offering a large sundeck.

Apart from the rooftop solar array, which produces all the energy this energy-efficient house needs, the eco friendly houseboat comes with a built-in water treatment and recycling system and solar hot water collectors coupled with a heat recovery ventilation system that heats the Autarkhome.

Via: Inhabitat

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