Renovated Archaeology Museum in Morocco could be solar powered

First built in the early 1930s, the Archaeological Museum of Rabat in Morocco is in dire need of a renovation and architecture firm Archi5 has put forward a sustainable plan that could see the museum become a fluid space that according to the designers provides a “visual environmental comfort”. The plan calls in for the development of a solar powered facility that could rise in accordance with the surrounding environment.

The new 24,730sqm facility would come with large expanses of rooftop solar panels that will create energy and also account for the creation of exciting shadow plays inside the various buildings in the complex. The facility features buildings with tall windows to let in sunshine and careful design will also help mitigate greenhouse effect inside the buildings during hot summer months.

The entire facility has been planned around three main gardens with the monolithic structures blending the transition between green areas and the concrete structures. Other than harvesting renewable solar energy, the facility also aims to reduce freshwater use by harvesting and recycling rainwater for use within the facility.

Via: Green Prophet

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