B’Kid wooden bike ensures your expenses don’t grow with your child

Most parents don’t really feel the rate at which their child is growing, until they have a look at their rising expenses. From diapers the focus soon shifts to toys and bikes, which help your kids learn the art of riding first on three and then on two wheels. Since children grow rapidly, the need for new toys and bikes is felt after every couple of months, which puts immense pressure on the monthly budget of the family. Designer Noelia Vallano Alvaro believes that his new concept bike, dubbed B’Kid, can put a check on the family expenses as it grows with your child.

Designed to last a child right from the age of two years to the age of six, the B’Kid integrates three bikes in one, including a trike, a balance bike and a pedal bike. At first the bike is designed to come with three wheels to let you child understand the use of pedals and the handlebar without worrying about balancing it, once the child is ready to take on the next challenge, the balancing wheel can be removed, converting the B’Kid into a conventional two wheeler. The innovation just doesn’t end here, as your child grows the placement of the seat, the handlebar and the rear wheel can be altered according to the frame of your child.

The eco friendly B’Kid is made using natural materials, with a frame and wheels made from birch wood and the seat and handlebars made using cork. Don’t just rush to buy the B’Kid right now as the concept bike isn’t currently available for purchase, but it could soon be as the designer is seeking a company that can bring it to the market.

Via: Gizmag

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