Genius landmine clearer aims to save lives and money

For soldiers the biggest threats are usually hidden and the same comes true in case of patrolling an area which is infested with landmines. For this soldiers can’t usually do much, other than spending an estimated $1200 for clearing a single land mine, before somebody actually steps on it. Designed by Massoud Hassani, the Mine Kafon aims to solve the problems of both the high price and the lives of innocent soldiers.

The system, which actually looks like a giant machine from sci-fi movies, mimics human feet while rolling along the infested area using wind. The Mine Kafon lets hidden landmines safely explode and the designer claims that each of these giant balls costs just about 40 Euros to build and can be used to clear up to four landmines, before completely destroying itself in the process.

Via: Gizmodo

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