Palacio de Sal: A hotel made using a million blocks of salt

The environmental impact of building materials such as concrete is debatable, however, with an ability to produce structures that stand for a long time, concrete will remain the first preference for builders. This isn’t stopping builders on the eastern shore of Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats from trying out a new building material that is available in abundance – salt.

The team here has been operating the Palacio de Sal – a 16-room hotel that is primarily made using salt. All in all, about one million blocks of salt were used to create everything including floors, walls, ceiling, beds, tables and chairs. Apart from living spaces, the hotel also features lounging areas, a spa, dining facilities and even a golf course, which we think won’t be the usual green.

The new Palacio de Sal is the second avatar of the hotel, which was initially created in the 90’s but was dismantled due to improper environmental management. The new hotel, however, includes better waste management systems and complies with strict environmental regulations. The hotel, where licking walls is forbidden, rents out rooms to “seasoned” travelers for around $100 per night per traveler.

Via: Core77

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