The Coren is what happens when a Formula 1 firm creates a bicycle

Some of the most advanced automotive technologies can be seen in the overpowered engines of Formula 1 racing cars and companies such as UBC spend months of hard work to come up with parts that would be used in high performance cars that take the grid in the name of Toyota. After creating innovative parts for Toyota Formula 1 cars and luxurious vehicles such as the Porsche GT2, German automotive company UBC wanted a vehicle that carried its brand name and the result of the proposal that the company’s CEO made a couple of years ago is The Coren – a carbon-fiber bicycle that we can’t ignore.

At first glance the bicycle doesn’t seem anything extraordinary, unless we consider that it made using carbon fiber, the same material that goes into most Formula 1 cars. Other than its carbon fiber skeleton, the bicycle doesn’t do much justice to its whopping $32,500 price tag. Weighing just 17 pounds, it’s a fixed-gear, single-speed bicycle that by its looks is a definite attention gatherer.

Matching the racing history and spirit of UBC, the bicycle according to its developers could be “the world’s most ground-breaking bike”. Now that’s a big claim for a bicycle that doesn’t have gears and no electric-assist, which the company says could come in the future. The bicycle’s design called in for a parallelogram-shaped frame built from high quality carbon fiber that typically is used for racecar chassis. To bring in even more innovation into this highly priced bicycle the company has replaced the conventional chain drive with a carbon-drive belt system. Honestly, this isn’t a bicycle that we or most of you will ever be riding to office, but it does live up to the CEO’s dream of being a racing inspired vehicle on which UBC can stamp its name.

Via: Co.Design

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