Cyberdyne’s robotic exoskeleton protects from nuclear radiation, gives superhuman powers

Japan, the land of robotics, has stunned the world once again with their technological prowess with Cyberdyne unveiling a robotic exoskeleton christened the Hybrid Assistive Limb or simply HAL. Designed while keeping the Fukushima nuclear disaster in mind, the HAL allows the wearer to carry superhuman loads while shielding him/her from radioactive radiation.

The exoskeleton has been designed to help workers in dismantling the damaged power plant, without getting effected by the radiation. Adding more technology to the already high-tech suit, the developers claim that the suit can be controlled entirely by brainwaves, where an array of sensors monitors the electrical impulses of the wearer’s brain to activate the robotic limbs in sync with the wearers. The unique synchronization allows the wearer to comfortably work without feeling the 130 pound weight of the suit.

The outer layers of the exoskeleton protects the wearer from radiation, while on the inner side a collection of fans keep the wearer cool. The suits will be deployed close to the damaged reactor core of the Fukushima power plant.

Via: Inhabitat

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