A sunflower that charges your iPhone with renewable energy

With energy efficient processors and other hardware, cell phones don’t normally consume a lot of energy and a single charge on your latest Smartphone is enough to keep the phone running for a day or two. However, the sheer number of cell phones in use today, means a lot of watts are consumed from the electric grid, something which can easily be saved with the use of portable solar chargers such as this creatively designed Solar Sunflower.

The elegant charger, which takes inspiration from a natural sunflower, has solar cells replacing the petals, which harvest renewable energy from the sun to produce electricity which is then stored in the charger’s powerful 2500mAh battery. All you have to do is to leave the Solar Sunflower near a window when you leave home for office, and by the time you’re back its battery will have enough charge to replenish the dying battery on your iPhone. Featuring a USB power dispensing port, the Solar Sunflower can easily recharge most cell phones and portable music players such as the iPod.

Via: Trendhunter

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