CoverFi wireless router gets charged by wireless solar electricity

Wireless routers are definitely an ideal way to remain connected with the world even if you’re outdoors. However, most wireless routers have a common problem, related to low battery level and charging inconvenience when being used away from your home. The CoverFi by industrial designers Gao Feng, Chen Hongyu, Wang Sheng, solves the problem with the use of solar energy.

The portable wireless router is able to charge and provide a wireless network at any time and in any place. The device is composed of two parts – the UFI that launches the hotspot, and a solar charger that replenishes the onboard battery with renewable energy. To make the device easy for the user to carry around, both the parts are attached to each other with magnets and can be separated when need be.

In terms of power supply, the device incorporates wireless charging technology that helps the solar panel wirelessly transmit clean electricity to the onboard battery of the router. Apart from charging the router, the solar panel can also be used to temporarily power your tablet computer or your Smartphone.

Via: Red-Dot

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