Tumbleweed trellis system to bring greenery into your living room

The busy our lives get the less time we have at our disposal, which we can spend connecting ourselves with nature. Since we don’t often get the time to visit a park or a green area, designers at H2O Architects are planning to bring greenery into our living rooms with their newest design they call the Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed is essentially a 3D trellis system made using cardboard. Each cardboard component comes as a tetrahedron that can be folded and connected together to form a 3D volume. Creative minds can connect a variety of 3D volumes to create new shapes and designs. The system is highly adaptable and can be changed to help form and shape the direction of the plants growing on it, helping you make a living work of art to grace any home décor.

Via: Design-Milk

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