Yoyo concept mosquito repellent generates renewable energy too!

While the streets and bins in the developed world are mostly clean and don’t have much mosquito nuisance, the conditions in the developing and underdeveloped part of the world are usually the opposite. The living conditions in these areas are miserable too as more than 90 percent of people who die from malaria in Africa are pregnant women and children under the age of five.

To better these conditions, industrial designers Choi Ho Jin, Kim Su Hyun and Yang Soo Young have come up with the Yoyo – a natural mosquito repellant that also doubles as a renewable energy charger. Inspired by the yoyo toy, the product makes use of the allelopathic nature of geranium plant which is placed inside the donut shaped casing.

The plant reduces the risk to infection near the places where the Yoyo is kept or is being played with. Moreover, the toy also harnesses kinetic energy when children play with it, which is then converted to electricity to power a light.

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