Green House: Self powered home accommodates a greenhouse within!

The problems associated with the steep rise in population are many but the most common is the scarcity of land. Governments around the world are battling the issue by asking architects to build skyscrapers that have a low environmental impact too. Moreover, with a large number of construction projects underway, the natural environment surrounding cities is slowly being stripped away.

Architect Jed Jeong is promising a better future with a stunning eco friendly home concept that runs off-the-grid and also houses a greenhouse within to allow the occupants to grow plants or vegetables inside. Dubbed Green House, the eco friendly house comes with solar collectors that provide electricity and hot water to the residents. The interior space is divided into a living room, a toilet, a kitchen, living space and a greenhouse at the center of the house.

The house also harnesses rainwater and recycles it for use within the house. The designer is proposing a community built with similar Green Houses. Such a community can run entirely off-the-grid and can contribute towards the environment too.

Cheers! Jed Jeong

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