BoostTurbine: Eton’s backup cell phone chargers come with a backup

While we get more and more dependent on our cell phones, it gets necessary to keep their onboard batteries charged up. Realizing the importance of cell phones in our lives, manufacturers have rolled out a wide plethora of backup chargers which make sure that you’re always carrying a charge in your pocket. However, for those of us who’re the forgetful kind and are accustomed to carry a backup charger without any charge in it, Eton Corporation has come up with the BoostTurbine, a backup charger with another backup up its kitty.

The BoostTurbine range of chargers aims to provide users with never-ending power. Featuring two models – BoostTurbine 2000 and BoostTurbine 1000, where the figures denote the amount of mAh in the onboard batteries, can respectively charge a Smartphone to 100 percent capacity and 50 percent capacity. However, for days when the onboard battery is itself depleted, users can simply pull out the hand crank mechanism and crank their way to a charged cellphone. The device isn’t pretty efficient in doing so as one minute of cranking gives enough juice for a 30 second call or a couple of texts, but it’s just a backup to a backup and those few seconds could be life saving in case of a problem.

Via: Engadget

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