Morphosis’ new office is the first net-zero building in Los Angeles

The rise in the cost of energy and the growing threats of climate change and global warming have made architects over the globe come up with energy saving and sometimes energy generating buildings. Morphosis believes that good things should begin at home and have built their new office, which is first net-zero energy building in LA and one of the greenest office buildings in the entire country.

The rectangular structure, which comes with low-tech, high-tech and even revolutionary energy generating and saving techniques, features a gigantic 2800sqf solar array on a nearby parking canopy, to power the building. On top of the building’s angled roof are four windcatchers, which naturally regulates the interior temperature of the building without consuming any energy in the process.

Owing to the innovative design, the occupants of the building have never turned on their energy efficient air conditioning system and also rarely turn on the lights during the day. The building also comes with louvered steel boxes with interior cross blades that pull hot air up on the other side. A digital sensor system, which runs on solar energy, decides when to open the louvers to set the system in motion. To even limit solar heat gain, the building’s east and south facades are solid and a series of acrylic and galvanized steel shades cover the building’s edges to create a pleasant gathering space for employees.

Via: Arch Paper

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