Samsung debuts world’s first Solar Powered Internet School

While for most companies the bottom line is usually shown on their balance sheets, Samsung is one of the few corporate which takes its responsibility towards the society on the whole a lot seriously. To better the conditions for people living in the developing and underdeveloped parts of the world Samsung has shared details regarding its all-new Solar Powered Internet School that is up and running in a village in South Africa.

Made inside a standard 12-meter renovated container, the school has solar panels installed on the roof that can generate nine hours of electricity a day, powering all the electronic equipment inside the classroom. Equipped with a 50-inch electronic board, internet enabled solar-powered notebooks, Galaxy tablets as well as Wi-Fi cameras, the classroom is high on technology as well.

The Solar Powered Internet School encourages connectivity and can accommodate a total of 21 students at one time. The school can also be moved easily by truck so that students in even the most remote areas can continue their education.

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