World’s first net zero energy stadium coming up in Brazil

Brazil is expected to be in the news for quite a few years as it will be hosting two international sporting events, expected to bring in millions of people. First there is the 2014 World Cup followed by the 2016 Olympics. With some serious construction work going on in the country, there are a few architects planning to attract visitors by showcasing the latest in green energy technologies. One such architecture firm is Castro Mello Architects, who will be remodeling the Estádio Mané Garrincha Stadium into the second-largest World Cup stadium for the 2014 games.

The remodel will not only increase the seating capacity to over 70,000, but will also make it the first net zero energy stadium in the world. With expectations to reach LEED Platinum certification, the stadium features a ring of solar energy generating panels on the roof. The stadium authorities will be able to trade energy between the panels and the power grid whenever necessary.

Moreover, the stadium will also include a VIP parking for 1000 bicycles along with a unique photocatalytic membrane on the roof that will remove harmful CO2 from the surroundings. A rainwater collection and recycling system will also be integrated to provide water for landscaping use. The new stadium will also reuse material from the old stadium to even reduce its environmental impact. The renovation is expected to cost $400 million by the time construction ends at the end of the year.

Via: Co.Exist

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