Artist gives confiscated firearms a musical life

Firearms and the environment don’t seem to have anything in common, until we bring artist Pedro Reyes into the picture. Hailing from Mexico City, Reyes believes that confiscated firearms could be used to make something much lively such as musical instruments. Commissioned by Alumnos 47, the artist came up with a unique project, dubbed “Imagine”, that saw the destruction of 6700 weapons and their rebirth as 50 musical instruments.

This is not the first time the artist has made use of confiscated weapons to make something better as previously in 2008 he melted down 1527 firearms to create as many shovels that were later used to plant as many trees. To make something musical out of the terrifying weapons, the artist, along with his team of six other musicians, melts the metal and shapes them into functional musical instruments within two weeks.


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