Spectra solar powered outdoor furniture reacts to your touch

We all love to have the best furniture to grace the interiors of our modern home, but we don’t really care about ourdoor furniture that is just as important for us. Design team collaboration between the City of San Jose and San Jose State University are on a mission to improve the cityscape with modern and functional furniture which is sustainable too.

The team has conceptualized Spectra, solar powered furniture units for the cityscape which can provide beauty and utility to people visiting San Jose. The Spectra features LED illuminators that are the main source of lighting. The illuminators make use of RGB diodes that make the lighting unit capable of reproducing about 16 million colors.

The light generated by the devices is piped into the shading via fiber optics. The fiber optic members allow the shade to increase while improving reliability. The innovative furniture units carry photovoltaic panels embedded into them which harness sunlight to produce electricity. This energy is also stored in onboard battery packs which power the lighting system after dark.

The lighted furniture lets users experience a phenomenon created by them. The furniture becomes a part of the user and its changeable lighting reacts to touch.

[Cheers Bryan]

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