Peddlars Creamery: Churning organic ice cream on an adult tricycle

I, along with millions of others in the world, love ice cream and it is one of my favorite desserts that I love to relish after or even before meals. However, making ice cream isn’t as green a process as the end result is delicious, if you consider the amount of energy required to produce a few scoops of the delicious frozen dessert. Now quickly bring in Edward Belden into the equation and the conception changes.

Edward Belden, an LA resident, loved ice cream from his childhood days and it comes as no surprise to us that he was previously working with Baskin Robbins. His love for ice cream soon turned into a full time business, obviously with a twist. Belden opened up his business, dubbed Peddlars Creamery, where he started churning and selling organic ice cream not using any electrical machinery or a hi-fi store, but on an adult tricycle.

The modified adult tricycle carries an ice cream maker which runs on the energy supplied by the pedals.  Belden states that his love for bicycles and ice creams made him develop the system, which according to him, takes the equivalent of about three miles of bike riding to produce 2 gallons of delicious and organic ice cream. The business started this April and Edward hopes to set up a store in the coming days, where he’ll be employing a few of his kind to pedal the tricycle to produce ice cream.

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