Ampair debuts off-the-grid renewable energy generators for use in remote locations

While for people living in the developed and urban part of the world electricity is available round the clock without many failures, the conditions in the remaining world aren’t always the same. People in the developing part of the world either don’t see electrons flowing into their homes throughout the day or are just waiting for the wiring to be laid.

Governments around the world are trying hard to make electricity available in even the most remote locations and till then companies like Ampair are developing innovative renewable energy generators that combine the goodness of solar photovoltaic cells and wind turbines to provide a steady flow of electricity throughout the day. The company has recently launched the V2 of their flagship heliPod and trailerPod energy generators along with two more models of the range.

The standalone renewable energy generators are mounted on wheels so that they can easily be towed behind a truck to any location. The generators are available in various configurations where users can choose the type of energy they want the generator to harvest. The company is offering generators with photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, electric battery to store all that energy and a propane generator to provide electricity in the rare case when renewable energy is not being generated.

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