Skoda E-Car concept electric car shines after dark

With most automakers having a strong belief that electric transport is the way forward, especially after considering the prices of fuel and the decline in their reserves, designers are taking up the challenge to come up with futuristic cars that they expect will be a common sight on the highways of tomorrow. One such designer is Martin Beinhauer who in cooperation with Skoda Auto has come up with an electric car dubbed the Skoda E-Car.

The concept car is powered by four electric motors, one embedded into each wheel and has been designed for young businessmen who like technology, speed and reliability in a simple package. The eco friendly, zero emission concept car is wrapped with a light strip around the frame that offers better visibility after dark. Moreover, blinks have been placed in the wheel and has a glass top covered with a nano-plastic film.

Cheers! Martin Beinhauer

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