Solar powered GraphIDIA UltraBook aims to be the world’s most powerful laptop

Product designers always show us glimpses of the future with concepts that are high on technology and sometimes too good to be true. Here is one such concept that will make your laptop look like something that you’ve borrowed from the Stone Age. The brainchild of Brazilian designer Johann Moises, the GraphIDIA UltraBook is concept for the world’s most powerful laptop that runs on renewable solar electricity.

The revolutionary concept laptop comes with a futuristic graphene CPU. The use of graphene allows for the production of transistors of only 0.01 micron, which is beyond the theoretical limit of 0.02 microns. Approaching the physical limit of matter, with transistors that are just a few atoms thick and a few tens of atoms in length, the processor is expected to run at 1000GHz, making the laptop the most powerful in the world.

The processing power of the laptop can further be increased with a Tesla-X connector, which allows the user to connect a Tesla board to make the laptop achieve stunning Terahertz speeds. Moreover, apart from the conventional display, the laptop also features an extra display in the form of an OLED touchscreen that opens up at the touch of a button.

The GraphIDIA also allows you to work with 3D holograms by just pressing on the side of the laptop to unveil a hologram receiver. Other input devices include a 100 percent customizable touchscreen keyboard. A 3D webcam also been integrated for incredible interactivity between users using the same messenger software.

This amazing concept laptop also hides a mini photo printer that allows the users to directly print photographs in Polaroid format.  The futuristic computer is equipped with NSL Quantic – a new form of energy storage that enhances the power of the battery up to eight times. The onboard battery here is recharged by energy provided by the onboard solar cells that are able to generate electricity from direct sunlight and even indirect illumination.

Being dependent on technology that hasn’t actually be developed or tested before, we don’t see the GraphIDIA hitting the stores anytime soon. However, whenever it actually does, we will see a world where a supercomputer is of the size of a laptop and owned by everybody.

Cheers! Johann Moises

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