Energy Return Wheel ditches air for flexible rubber matrix to become puncture resistant

Getting a flat tire on your bicycle when riding on a rough mountain road is the last thing you ever want. No matter how good the tire in your bike is, it’s always going to get punctured, especially when you’re doing some off-roading . To solve the issue, manufacturers including Michelin, Amerityre and Goodyear, have developed prototypes that don’t have any air and are hence puncture proof. Now a Colorado-based firm, Britek Tire and Rubber, has followed the same lines and has come up with a innovative bike tire, dubbed Energy Return Wheel, which ditches air for a flexible internal rubber matrix.

Though the ERW is mainly intended for use in cars, the company has also developed prototypes for mountain bikes. Apart from eliminating flats, the tire is also stated to improve fuel efficiency and performance. The internal rubber layer allows potential energy to be stored in the wheel whenever the layer is compressed by bumps. The elastic potential energy is then returned and converted into forward momentum, which saves fuel if you’re driving a car and reduces your effort while you’re biking.

The mountain bike version of the wheel will is designed to be fitted on lightweight 29-inch carbon fiber rims. Moreover, since there is no air inside the tire, the rider has to adjust the rubber tensioning rods ot make the wheels run harder or softer.

Via: Gizmag

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