After the cardboard bicycle, inventor designs $10 cardboard wheelchair

Izhar Gafni, the brain behind the highly unconventional and affordable cardboard bicycle, has now come up with another green innovation in the form of a cardboard wheelchair that could be made for just $10 each. Nimrod Elmish and Izhar Gafni of I.G. Cardboard Technologies, a part of ERB, have been contacted by an international non-profit organization for development of the wheelchair that could later be distributed to disabled people in Africa.

The designers state that the wheelchairs could be made using durable recycled cardboard, plastic bottles and recycled car tires. Presently, the non-profit organization interested in the cardboard wheelchairs is spending around $6 million a year to purchase 120,000 conventional wheelchairs from China. Elmish however believes that they can build a factory for $6 million, which can churn out any number of cardboard wheelchairs costing next to nothing to produce them.

The cardboard wheelchair is entirely maintenance-free and weighs less than 20 pounds. However, even at that weight, the wheelchair can carry a rider weighing up to 400 pounds and can withstand water and humidity too. Moreover, the cardboard wheelchair is easier to produce than the cardboard bicycle the team developed earlier.

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