Greenheart to build world’s first fuel-free merchant ship

Shipping is one of the most reliable and affordable ways to transport goods from one country to another. However, shipping is quite carbon intensive as well, unless we bring in Greenheart’s Solar Merchant Ship into the picture. The international non-profit organization is preparing to build the world’s first fuel-free commercial vessel that relies on solar and wind energy for propulsion.

The container-ready vessel has been designed as an ocean-going hybrid that makes use of a combination of traditional sail and the goodness of renewable solar energy. To be build for use by communities in developing parts of the world, the vessel will be built in Bangladesh and launched early next year.

With a shallow draft that allows it to access the thousands of miles of coastlines in underserved regions of the world, the ship can also load and unload cargo directly from a beach where there is no port. The idea here is to sell hundreds of similar vessels to these communities to bring world’s trade system for communities that live near these remote coastlines.

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