PowerPac concept lets you generate electricity while exercising

In an effort to make exercising more meaningful, industrial designers Marc Ruwiel, Jared Vorstere and Jeroen van der Liende have come up with PowerPac – a device that harnesses your calories to generate precious watts. Unlike other energy generating systems that can be used with exercise bikes, the PowerPac is a lot portable, light in weight and an all-in-one product that generates, stores and then provides electricity through various outputs.

The PowerPac comes with two housings – one that contains the off-the-shelf components such as a permanent-magnet DC generator and a charge controller, while the other contains a 12V battery with a capacity of 11Ah, a DC-to-AC inverter and energy output options including a 220V standard AC socket, a 12V DC cigarette lighter adapter and a 5V DC USB port.

According to the designers, the battery of this portable energy generator can be completely charged with 80 minutes of cycling. Once fully charged, the device can be removed from the exercise cycle and the onboard 132Wh battery can then be used to power a variety of electronic devices such as cell phones and laptop computers.

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