Greenhouse House zero-energy home uses an indoor greenhouse as a thermal chimney

The rising cost of building materials, along with the ever increasing prices of energy coupled with the problems of global warming and climate change, have made architects plan out residential buildings and homes that can help the environment in more ways than one. Working on the same lines, architects at Strawn.Sierralta have designed a conceptual residence dubbed the Greenhouse House.

The Greenhouse House is essentially a zero-energy, single family residence that has been designed with Cradle to Cradle design principles, which ensure that materials should exist in a waste-free holistic lifecycle. With recycled and recyclable materials used all over the house, this green home comes with a photovoltaic array and horizontally positioned wind turbines that generates all the energy this eco friendly home needs while allowing the occupants to sell excess energy to the grid.

The Greenhouse House also features a greenhouse placed at its center, which doubles as a thermal chimney. Working as a green “hearth” for the home, the greenhouse ensures that fresh air can be pulled through all spaces of the house providing ideal conditions for year-round growth of fresh food items. The kitchen of the house flows directly onto a terraced garden.

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