Son-X Octavia solar powered device applauds kids who play on swings

Another entry into the already flooded market of solar powered gadgets is the Son-X Octavia. The device intends to make your kids play the old fashion way on swings, rather than playing video games. Developed by playground equipment supplier Hags, the Son X rewards kids who play on swings with applause.

Currently shipping to European schools, the wireless device harnesses renewable solar energy and can be installed on any swing set without making any change to the swing itself. When a child reaches a certain height, the device plays applause through the speakers, to encourage him/her to keep playing.

In an age where kids love playing video games, which apart from creating several health issues, is a waste of precious energy too, devices such as the Son-X can make kids get away from electronic displays and play the old fashioned way while ensuring better health and saving a considerable amount of energy too.

Via: Treehugger

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