Oncycle E-bike defines the intrinsic advantages of an electric bike

While auto manufacturers might be working on the next big concept car that runs on a new type of an eco friendly fuel, there is no dearth of designers who believe that the rise in the number of cars on the highways and the never ending traffic jams will make urban commuters ride on bicycles instead of driving cars. To ease things for such commuters industrial designer Aaron Kurosu along with a team of four other designers has come up with the Oncycle – an electric bike for the urban world.

Designed for the American market, where not many people recognize an e-bike, the Oncycle tries to define the intrinsic advantages of an electric bicycle. With a goal to create a design that is desirable and valued as an alternative transportation vehicle, the electric bike comes with integrated lights, a battery level display and an illuminated motor, which collectively communicate the bike’s electric powerhouse.

The electric motor is located behind the pedal cranks and lights up to convey the bike’s uniqueness. The e-bike comes with a frame that hides the bike’s mechanical elements from view and dust, giving the e-bike an aesthetically pleasing look.

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