The Charge Cycle aims to burn your calories and charge your cell phone

Every mobile user gets to know the importance of battery charge when an important call has to be made and the mobile shows a low battery warning. This is just a common occurring for those who use their cell phones a lot but don’t often remember to plug it to the wall socket. Designers David Krawczyk and Navjot Kaur want to end these battery woes for NY residents with an innovative bicycle they call The Charge Cycle.

The Charge Cycle is just an ordinary bicycle fitted with a dynamo and a stand that lets the user bicycle for a few minutes and get some charge on the dying cell phone battery. The idea here is to place these bicycles at convenient locations all around the New York City. Cell phone users will be able to find the nearest Charge Cycle by checking out the Charge Cycle map on their mobile devices.

The charge cycle carries a special charging dock with standard 8-pin, 30-pin and a Micro USB port for charging a wide range of mobile phones. Users just have to arrive at the nearest Charge Cycle location and pedal for a few minutes while their phone is connected to the charging system. Users won’t have to pay anything to use the Charge Cycles, but the benefits are plenty. Apart from getting a few more minutes of talk time on their cell phone, users will also be able to burn out a few calories too. To help realize the project, the designers are now on Kickstarter.

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