New technology could make your Smartphone battery last twice as long

There is no denying the fact that Smartphones have revolutionized communication in more ways than one. However, we also know that Smartphones aren’t exactly energy efficient and a single charge on your Smartphone remains good for a maximum of a couple of days. While you might be blaming your usage routine for the same, researchers at MIT believe that the problem lies deeply hidden within the hardware that runs your device. Moreover, a similar thing happens at cellular base stations, which consume a whopping $36 billion worth of electricity annually.

The problem lies in the power amplifier, which hasn’t evolved much since its inception about three decades ago. Power amplifiers inside your Smartphone or the base station waste 65 percent of their energy, mostly as heat in an attempt to avoid any distorted signals. Finally after 30 long years of wasting energy, researchers at MIT have now made a breakthrough that comes in the form of a technology they refer to as asymmetric multilevel outphasing.

The use of this new tech could help base stations reduce their energy consumption by half and a smaller version of the same thing could help double the battery backup of your Smartphone. An MIT spinout company, dubbed Eta Devices, is now working hard to prove the value of the technology on a large scale. If the team is successful, new amplifiers would help save around $15 billion worth of fuel annually in the developing world, where base stations normally run on diesel-powered generators.

Via: Inhabitat

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