N2X035 is a modular home powered by renewable solar energy

Designed for people who love the environment and do a lot to conserve energy, [N2X] Arquitectos have come up with a sustainable home in Portugal, dubbed the N2X035. The name of the home is just as interesting as the environmentally friendly features inside it. The 156sqm modular home has a dual black box design along with a plethora of energy generating and saving features.

Designed to fill in the empty space on an elevated site, the construction of the home has been completed without disturbing the natural stone walls. With two identical modular boxes, the design makes efficient use of materials. The modest residence comes with a solar energy generating system and high-end insulation that conserves energy and reduces the load on the solar array.

The eco friendly home also includes a rainwater harvesting system that provides water for irrigation. The white interior, which is in contrast to the black exterior walls, helps conserve energy that would have been spent on lighting the interior space.

Images © José Maria Oliveira

Via: Inhabitat

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