The Earth Chapel lets you pray in peace in an eco friendly way

While architects might be working hard to come up with eco friendly buildings and homes, artists Marisol Alquiza has come designed a solar-powered chapel in the Bacolod City that lets visitors pray in an eco friendly environment. The Earth Chapel, which is the collaborative work of three Negrense artists, is built inside the campus of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos.

The first solar-powered religious edifice in the country, the Earth Chapel is envisioned as a structure offering a sound spiritual and environmental ambience. Built mostly using mud mixed with lime and rice straws, the structure rests on posts and trusses made using bamboo trunks. The roofing of the structure is made up of thatched cogon grass.

With LED lights employed to light up the chapel after dark, during the daytime, green-tinted old wine bottles that are incorporated in the structure allow natural light to flood the interior space. The eco friendly church also makes use of recycled tiles and wood slabs in the remaining structure.

Cheers! Noah Gutierrez

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