Arriva UK to introduce trash-powered buses in Greater Manchester

Public transportation is often touted to be among one of the green ways to travel. However, despite being an eco friendly transportation option for regular commuters, conventional buses aren’t as efficient as they could be when considering their fuel consumption statistics. Arriva UK Bus has now escalated efforts to make public transportation even greener by adding to its fleet 21 new eco-friendly buses that will be powered by the gases produced at landfill sites.

The MAN EcoCity gas-engine powered buses will hit the streets next year and are a part of the company’s £26.7m investment project that includes a total of 153 diesel-hybrid buses too. Designed with the British market in mind, the new buses run on biogas, providing an environmentally friendly solution to the transportation problems.

The gas used to power the buses will be provided by the Gas Bus Alliance, which was set up to support vehicle makers, dealers and operators. Bio-digesting plants run by the alliance will break down waste, including farm and food waste, to extract the gas that will propel the buses in the region.

Via: MenMedia

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