Mulino di Vento wind-powered kinetic sculpture portrays the power of nature

We might be able to build the biggest bombs, clone animals or even try to find a safe abode in outer space, but there is no denying the fact that nature is the biggest power of all and we, even after using all our technology, cannot replicate it. In an effort to show the true power of nature, designer David McQueen has come up with a kinetic sculpture he calls the Mulino di Vento Windmill for Leonardo.

Using Leonardo’s flight studies and the basic principles of windmill design, McQueen’s sculpture is essentially a windmill with a small flock of birds attached around its base. As the blades of the windmill move, the kinetic energy harvested is used to power the flock to fly clumsily around its base. Being both monumental and diminutive, the sculpture comes with wooden gears and a wooden shaft to reduce its environmental footprint.

Cheers! David McQueen

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