Greenpeace’s Rolling Sunlight solar truck brings electricity to Rockaway

Hurricane Sandy has left Rockaway powerless and independently operated aid distribution centers are working hard to bring life back to normal by distributing food and necessary supplies. However, conditions on the energy front are still far from normal. To help provide electricity, Greenpeace has started operating its Rolling Sunlight solar powered truck, which was built about a decade ago.

The renewable energy station, which actually is a large solar array strapped on a truck, is capable of storing about 50kWh of renewable energy in batteries inside the truck. All that energy is then relayed to an inverter that converts it into usable 120/240V AC, which is further utilized to illuminate the area.

The most impressive of all things is that it takes just 15 minutes for the crew to set up the truck to convert photons to electrons. The Rolling Sunlight has been able to get five full days and nights of power, which just a shorter night due to overcast conditions. The truck is also equipped with a couple of wind turbines, but owing to the conditions they haven’t used them so far.

Via: Gizmodo

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