Grundfos Lifelink to provide safe drinking water to millions in Kenya

With over a billion people in the world lacking access to safe drinking water, researchers and not-for-profit organizations around the world are finding innovative solutions to this problem. Grundfos Lifelink is one such organization that is making use of technology to provide safe drinking water to about 13 million people in Kenya, who presently are without any access to an “improved water system”.

The Lifelink project tackles the problem of safe drinking water with solar powered pumps that draw protected water from sources up to 250m underground. The pumped water is then stored in elevated storage tanks, ready to supply clean water through a kiosk.

To access water, customers make use of their M-Pesa account, a mobile money payment and transfer service in Kenya, which is being used by more than 70 percent of adult population. Once at the tap, customers can wave their key at a sensor and the money, around 3-4 Shillings, is debited from their account. On successful payment, the tap dispenses 20 liters of pure drinking water.

Via: BBC

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