Yew Dell Botanical Gardens to build renewable energy powered greenhouse

Greenhouses are one of the few ways farming can be brought into the urban world. To enhance the eco-credentials of greenhouses, Yew Dell Botanical Gardens has come up with a plan to build an eco friendly greenhouse that will be powered entirely by renewable energy. The new greenhouse and horticulture center will honor Yew Dell’s 10th anniversary.

The new greenhouse and horticulture facility will be powered by solar and geothermal energy, while serving as an exhibit for the green industry and also serve as the nerve center of all Yew Dell’s horticulture activities.

The greenhouse is being designed by Yew Dell staff in collaboration with Rough Brothers of Cincinnati. Construction is expected to being this fall and continues through the winter. If all goes well, the new greenhouse and horticulture center building will be completed by spring next year.

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